Media Accreditation


Press accreditation form must be completed by computer, printed, signed, scanned and submitted along with the application form, providing all requested information. The application alone will not be considered a request for accreditation.

  • All applications must be sent to: least 8 days before the event.

Communication office opening time

Friday -Saturday and Sunday –  8.30 a.m. to 6 p.m

These instructions apply only to journalists and professional photographers.

  • Applications must be made on headed paper of the publication or photo agency and must be signed by the managing director or chief editor.
  • Requests must include the name envoy to cover the event (by specifying in the case of journalist or photographer) and a copy of your press card.
  • They must be given details of the publication referred to dissemination and circulation. Photo agencies or freelancers should indicate the publications they work for.
  • All requests must include copies of articles and / or photos published.
  • It is required to indicate an email address and a telephone number.

The list of accreditation requests will be sent to the organizers of the championship which is responsible for final approval. For security, access to the pit lane and the race course (track) will be allowed to a limited number of  photographers and is tightly controlled. Therefore, the assignment of Harness/Track is at the discretion of the Press Room, in accordance with the Race Directorship.

For Harness/Track is required:

  • A deposit of 20 €
  • A professional indemnity insurance cover
  • The signing of the “discharge of responsibility” at the time of withdrawal.



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